Sharp Edge Lawn Care & Management, LLC.

Sharp Edge Lawn Care & Management LLC. was started in 1998. Our goal has always been to make sure that our customers are getting what they pay for. When we are on a customer’s property we are easily recognized by our company work shirts. Customers want to know who is at their home. We want our customers to feel safe and secure when we are at their property. All of our trucks are lettered with our name as well as our phone number. We believe this is a sign of a professional company. Sharp Edge does not want to be recognized as just another lawn care company.
There are many services that we offer. Lawn care is a service that grows every year. Nobody has much time to take care of their lawns anymore with busy work schedules that we all work. This is where we can help. We provide a neatly cut lawn every week with everything trimmed and edged on your property as well as blowing off all walking areas, such as driveways, sidewalks, and back decks. We also offer weed control for your landscape beds while we are on site.
Landscape service can be provided to new construction or to an existing home that is looking for a change. We can also design you a layout that would benefit your home. The landscape of your home is the first thing people see when they see your home. We can provide large trees, large shrubs, decorative retaining walls, paver’s walkways, etc.
Landscape Lights have become the newest thing to hit the landscape market. They provide a soft light on your home to show focal points of landscape, or to show a path for you to walk to your door. Landscape Lights also provide a security protection. A well lit home will look more secure than one that is not.
Irrigation service can also be provided. We use the top brands of the industry, Rain Bird & Hunter. Irrigation provided adequate water to your lawn as well as your landscape. Turf grass in this area needs an average of 1 inch of water a week. When watering with a hose, you never get the same amount of water in all locations. With an irrigation system, you get the same amount every time, which is cheaper on your water bill than if you were to water by hose three days a week.
Hardscaping is becoming a very popular service. Creating outdoor living areas with full kitchen appliances along with fire-pits give homeowners the added space for entertainment. Decorative retaining walls as well as paver walkways and driveways create the elegant look to many homes. Please give us a call to see what we can do to enhance your home.
Sharp Edge is a company that provides all of these services and a few more. We take a lot of pride in being able to service our customers. Our Motto is “Curb Appeal Is Everything” and this is so true when you are looking at your home.

Sharp Edge Lawn Care & Management, LLC. provides a variety of services including Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, Irrigation and much more.